Friday, 14 October 2016

Bowls Clubs are Wonderful Places


Why is that some might say?

Well let's have a look at a local bowls club, whether it be an inside club or outside.

What else does a bowls club offer besides the opportunity to play a brilliant game?
Firstly the game itself.  It's relaxing, enjoyable, great value for money, challenging, strategic, healthy and raises ones spirits.

Playing Bowls is strangely satisfying, whether you're good at it, or not. That doesn't stop it from being frustrating and sometimes infuriating, especially when the wood (bowl) doesn't go where you want it to !
It's a game for learning and improving as you go. It may take some time before you feel confident to enter a League or Competition, or you may take to it very quickly and give some of the more experienced players a run for their money!

But apart from the actual game, it's a place to go and meet friends, old and new. You are always welcomed into any club and the members will soon get to know you, as you will them.
Over the last year, I have had many people say to me that it's not just playing bowls that brings them in, but the rewarding social side of it. They come for the people they meet.
It's somewhere to sit and have a coffee or tea, to maybe watch a game whilst chatting with others. 
Many people that stay at home can fall into a routine that can physically and mentally drain them, and by going to a bowls club, gives them a whole new social circle of friends and interests. 

Many clubs such have the benefit of a social club facility, where regular events such as Quiz nights, and whist take place. This again expands the social side of meeting others with similar interests. Many members have other hobbies and interests such as golf, photography, crafts, DIY, flower arranging, blogging, garden projects, spectator sports such as rugby and football, to name but a few! By meeting lots of people with many other interests, it opens up a wealth of things to to.

A lot of players play the game and go off to their busy lives, but quite a few take time out to enjoy a drink and talk with others, some they have known for years and others that are fresh to the sport. 
For those who don't have their own transport, there are always members who would be happy to help out with lifts, and many clubs are on the bus circuit making it easy to participate.
So whether you have bowled before, would like to try or simply have a look at what it offers, find out where your local club is, Indoor, Outdoor or both, and pay a visit, say hello, you will be most welcome.

When you have tried Indoor Bowls, you may then like to try the outdoor greens for the next summer. There are a great number of outdoor clubs that will be looking for new members next year, all areas have bowls clubs and are open to new members.

Take the family for a visit today and see who would like to try it. Bowls is for ALL ages!

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