Friday, 14 October 2016

A Brighter Future for Bowls.

A Brighter Future for Bowls.

Like them or hate them, coloured woods are here to stay. Plain, striped, mottled, flecked, multi-coloured and even some really jazzy designs, they are proving to be more popular as time goes on.

It certainly makes it easier to see and find your woods in amongst up to sixteen others at the end of the rink. Black seems to be holding out at the moment and I believe they will survive as the majority choice of today. Many of the long term players, once they have chosen their wood, stay with them for many many years, so black will remain as the majority for a few years yet but will slowly dwindle. 

Younger players definitely favour the colour choices. World Bowls with players on the TV all playing reds, greens with a touch of fleck sometimes. This goes to promote the use of colours to the watching audience, and all of the bowls manufacturers are happy to supply a wide variety of design.
Aero Bowls go the extra mile and will produce a wood to your design, this comes with a cost.

If a black or a coloured wood feels good for you, then that's what you bowl with. There is no right or wrong choice. Some players might express that they do not like your choice of coloured wood, that's fine, we are all different. But if you like them, bowl them, and if coloured woods help bring more players and encourage the younger set to play, it's a good thing.
Have you noticed a few of the more experienced senior players have been trying out the new selection? It's great and it is definitely brightening up the game. Just look at the picture above, looking smart.
As with anything new, there comes a price, and bowls woods such as Aero's and Tigers are not a cheap option, but they are becoming more popular partly due to the media coverage on the TV.

Whatever the future of Bowls, it is certain that variety and choice of bowls equipment will help keep the game alive for many many years to come. 
You can find a selection of used woods at 

If you have facebook, search for Bowls Equipment for Sale and join the group, it is run by Joshua Phillips who is a very experienced and successful player.

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